Voip account

To get the list of existing voip lines to an active account you might call the voiplist module.
The response will consist of all valid accounts connected to the active user session.
For security reasons the password will be base64 coded in the response.

Request GET http://login.42call.com/api/rest/v2/?voiplist

Request Headers:

m: "voiplist">Connection: keep-alive
x-date: 2014-02-20 17:43:52.000000 GMT+0000
x-authorization: demo:q4ybUBzn+kTHgACWPgiqGAy+Sk0=
Host: login.42call.com

Response body:

    "error": false,
    "codes": [
            "code": 200,
            "description": "OK"
    "body": {
        "voiplist": {
            "sip_1": {
                "type": "SIP",
                "username": "demo",
                "password": "demo",
                "ip": "111.222.333.444:50123",
                "domain": "",
                "stun_server": "",
                "proxy": "",
                "prefix": "",
                "transport_tls": "false",
                "transport_tcp": "true",
                "transport_udp": "false",
                "transport_use_standard_ports": "true",
                "forbid_self_call": "true",
                "echo_cancellation": "false",
                "escape_plus": "false",
                "enable_outbound_proxy": "false",
                "wifi_only": "false",
                "unknown_incoming_call_name": "Unbekannt",
                "codec_speex16": "true",
                "codec_speex8": "true",
                "codec_ilbc": "true"
        "customernumber": "1234",
        "accountnumber": "1234",
        "username": "demo",
        "customercurrency": "eur",
        "customeraccountstate": "18,40"